Campsites for sale in Spain

If you are interested in campsite project you will have to know how to run the business and take many factors into consideration before buying it.



The finca is the house within the property which may have two or three floors and can function as a special bed breakfast or little hotel in combination with a restaurant for your campsite. At the front these houses may have a big fenced terrace, a great balcony or a fountain typical of Spanish architecture and at the back some houses have several small rooms that are surrounding by an intimate patio. These rooms are usually used as guest houses.


The surface of the finca will vary according to its location. Many campsites are located close to the beach or national parks so as to offer tourists a wider variety of attractions.  Part of plots is used as gardens with plants and flowers and the rest are almonds and olives. Some also have granates, grapes and figs. Visitors enjoy a lot of this area.



It is important to look at the surroundings since  beautiful surroundings offer tourists all kind of possibilities. Walking, biking, horse riding, hang gliding, snorkeling, diving, daytrips, shopping etc. Everything which is really close by constitutes a very positive aspect for your campsite and will attract many tourists. You should note how far will be your campsite from places like beaches, villages and airports.  If your campsite is near the beach and the mountings as well your visitors will be delighted.



It is really important to search the conditions of the caravans in the campsite you are going to buy since they have to be the most comfortable possible for visitors. Search the facilities function well. The general aspect and style s also important since it what makes the first impression on tourists.

See if the swimming pool and the children playing area are properly equipped and installed. Watch every detail since then it will cost you a great deal of money.

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